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boncrop biostimulants – Grows success

  • Up to 10% higher yield
  • Promotes abiotic stress tolerance
  • Suitable for all fiel crops
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boncrop biostimulants – Think solutions, grows success!

To address and overcome the challenges faced in arable farming and to support modern and integrative agriculture, SCHAUMANN has broadened its portfolio to offer biostimulants for field crops such as maize, cereals and potatoes.

boncrop biostimulants are made from algae and are perfectly suited to integrated arable farming. boncrop biostimulants consist of two premium products, naturally and sustainably sourced from the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum. They improve soil health, encourage plant growth, increase the plants' resistance to abiotic stress and ensure more yield stability and higher yields.

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Which crops can benefit from boncrop biostimulants?

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  • Solid Big Bag 2x1 Claim englisch

    boncrop solid

    The granulated biostimulant for a quick start with additional living microorganisms and beneficial ingredients
    • Protect against stress, especially during juvenile development
    • Ensures efficient root growth right from the start
    • Promotes strong and healthy plants
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  • Flow Kanister 2x1 Claim englisch

    boncrop flow

    Liquid biostimulant designed for spraying. Contains beneficial biostimulants to fortify plants from the inside out
    • Promotes abiotic stress tolerance
    • Supports assimilation rate, root formation and nutrient uptake
    • Can be easily combined with all common planz protection measures
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